About Us

We love helping our clients reach their full business potential. Are you ready to reach yours?

Responsive Web Designs

Built with best practices in mind, our sites are optimized for search engine rankings and mobile effectiveness. Each site is customized for our clients with attractive graphics and informational content.

Eye-Catching Email Marketing

Email marketing only works if your audience opens it. Our campaigns have high open rates and click-throughs so your message is noticed and read.

Engaging Social Media

Our marketing analysis will discover where your target market surfs, and allow us to craft the most appropriate messages resulting in customer engagement.

Compelling Content

From formal styles to conversational tones, we know that content is critical to engagement. Ous award-winning copywriters have decades of experience crafting the perfect messages!

Quality Works

Predictable growth starts with a solid plan. 

Every project starts with a conversation. An open dialog that helps us understand your goals. 

At Newkirk Communications, we’ve been having in-depth conversations with our clients for over 40 years, and we think we’ve learned a thing or two. What makes people happy. What they need to succeed. And what their fears are when it comes to their business. 

We know that every business is different, and that’s why we create a unique marketing plan that’s customized for your business, your industry, and for the way you work. 

Who We Are

Susan Segal, president of Newkirk Communications, Inc., got her start in the world of advertising at NC&A, the agency her father, Ed Cohen, started back in the 1960s. From a very early age, she was immersed in the world of copywriting, graphic design,TV and radio productions, media buying and more. So, it’s no wonder that when the time was right, she took over operations of the agency and made it her own.

Over the years, Newkirk has provided hundreds of clients with brand development, creative content, and marketing strategies to take their businesses to the next level. Whether you’re just starting out, or looking to jumpstart your existing venture, Newkirk has the tools and the techniques to help. 

Getting you started on YOUR business journey is as easy as clicking or calling. In about 30 minutes, we’ll perform a Marketing Effectiveness Audit to pinpoint your company strengths and areas of needed development. The call and the Audit are FREE – the results could be worth thousands! 

Call us at 215-913-8333 or click the link below to get started!

Look before you launch!

If you’re getting ready to launch a website, this checklist will come in handy to make sure your site is designed and optimized for best results.

Tired of doing business the same old way? If you’re ready to take your business to the next level, schedule your FREE Marketing Effectiveness Audit today!